Core Values:
EnSueños Y Los Angelitos Development Center will accomplish its mission by working collaboratively with the community and in partnership with private and public entities by providing:

  • Person/child/family focused outcome driven services;
  • Safe and supportive environment;
  • Trained professionals that provide state of the art services;
  • Management that supports growth, quality measures and excellence within the organization advocating at the local, state, and national level;
  • Smooth seamless transition to next steps forward.
ELADC Management Team
ELADC Management Team

Our Mission:
EnSueños Y Los Angelitos Development Center’s (ELADC) mission is to provide quality, individualized services, birth through life, to children with special needs, adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families by a specialized team of professionals.

Participating with people in achieving their dreams.

Board Pic 2017

ELADC Board of Directors
Nicklos Jaramillo - President
VACANT - Vice President
Felipe Santistevan - Treasurer/Secretary
Dr. Edward Lee Vargas - Board Member
Carmela Vargas Gonzales - Board Member
Maya Cabot Chacon - Board Member
Emy Sue Martinez-DeHerrera, Board Member
Dr. Veronica Sanchez- Board Member
Yvette Marquez - Board Member

ELADC Administration
Claudine R. Valerio-Salazar - Executive Director
Debra Gonzales - Bookkeeper
Kim Tafoya - Human Resource Manager

ELADC Management Team
Claudine R. Valerio-Salazar - Executive Director
Kim Tafoya - Human Resource Manager
VACANT - Early Childhood Director
Joseph Rivera - Day Services Manager
Analisa Vigil - Supported Living Manager/Trainer
Beverly Rodriguez-Miera - Assistant Manager
Melissa Montoya - Mi Via Sub-Contract Manager
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EnSueños Y Los Angelitos Development Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that guide and advise ELADC's Director in the accomplishment of our mission. These selfless volunteers provide the vision that results in people with disabilities leading full active, inclusive lives.