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Adult Services/Support

We at EnSueños Y Los Angelitos Development Center (ELADC) have a passion to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live their lives as independent as possible, while becoming a part of their community and continually being the best that they can be.

We help to enhance their lives by providing services and supports which enable them to live, work, and participate in their communities.

Living Supports - Family Living

This service assists the individual to live in a family type environment that provides support 365 days a year.

Community Integrated Employment

Offers an opportunity to increase an individual's economic independence, self-reliance, social connections and ability to grow within a career.

Customized Community Supports

Creating meaningful, sustained relationships with the non-disabled community members who share common interests, preferences,
and goals.

Living Supports - Supported Living

Support provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Employees assist with daily living needs i.e. laundry, housekeeping, cooking, and transportation for community inclusion needs.

Respite Services

Giving the primary caregiver time away from his or her duties.  Respite is available for children from age zero through adult.

Community Support Service Staff
Community Support Service Staff

Day Habilitation Service Program
These services are provided to individuals regardless of his or her living environment, and regularly takes place in a non-residential setting, separate from the individual’s private residence or other home.  Day Habilitation services can assist individuals to acquire, retain and improve their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills, including communication, travel, and other areas in adult education.  Activities and environments are designed to foster the development of skills and appropriate behavior, greater independence, community inclusion, relationship building, self-advocacy, and informed choice. Additionally, individuals accessing day habilitation often contribute to their communities through work programs or volunteer programs.

Residential Services Program
This program enables individuals with developmental disabilities to live not only in an active community, but also to become integrated into that community.  Small home settings allow for more individualized attention and opportunities.  Our trained staff support the personal outcomes for each of the individuals and believe in natural supports such as friends and neighbors.  Persons are served without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin or economic status.

Mi Via Self Directed Waiver Program
ELADC is a vendor agency for individuals receiving support under the Mi Via Waiver. Mi Via provides self-directed home and community-based services to participants who have intellectual and/or developmental (I/DD), or medically fragile conditions (MF).  Mi Via, which means “my path”, “my way” or “my road”, is designed to assist you in managing your own services and supports to live your best life.  Mi Via is about choosing self-direction over your home and community-based services, support and goods within your approved plan and budget. Contact Melissa Montoya for more information.  Click to learn more about Mi Via.

New Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) Allocation Group
This year’s legislative session appropriated money to remove individuals from the Wait List for DD and Mi Via waivers. DDSD identified the recent 330 individuals on the Wait List and sent them Letters of Interest on Friday, May 10, 2019. To read the full article please click the following link: NM Dept Health Memo

DOH and HSD propose a three-tiered plan for people with disabilities currently waiting for assistance on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver.
New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) and the Human Services Department (HSD) propose implementing a three phased approach to provide temporary assistance to those on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waitlist first and to ultimately overhaul the DD Waiver program over a 6-year period in hope of implementing a more sustainable program that better provides the services needed and eliminates the waitlist. To read the full article please click the following link: NM Dept Health Memo 3-Tiered Memo

For more information regarding the Adult Services provided by EnSueños Y Los Angelitos Development Center, please contact Joseph Rivera, Analisa Vigil or Melissa Montoya.


Joseph Rivera
Day Services Manager
(575) 58-4274 x 102 or email

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Analisa Vigil
Supported Living Manager
(575) 758-4274 x 101 or email

Melissa Montoya

Melissa Montoya
Sub-Contract Manager
(575) 252-3165 or email