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CCS for adults are designed to assist a person to increase his/her independence and potentially reduce the amount of paid supports, to establish or strengthen interpersonal relationships, to join social networks, and to participate in typical community life. CCS are based upon the preferences and choices of each person and designed to measure progress toward Desired Outcomes specified in the ISP. Activities include adaptive skill development, adult educational supports, citizenship skills, communication, social skills, self advocacy, informed choice, community integration, and relationship building. Outcomes from this service may include an enhanced capacity for self-determination, development of social networks that allow the person to experience valued social roles while contributing to his or her community, and establishing lasting community connections. Scope CCS should be provided in the community to the fullest extent possible. Services should lead to participation and integration in the community and support the person to reach his or her personal goals for growth and development. When planning CCS, the IDT members shall recognize the person’s right to make life choices that may include risk. The IDT members shall assess risk on an individual basis and develop or enhance risk mitigation strategies as needed. The assumption of risk shall be balanced with the person’s ability to assume responsibility for that risk and a reasonable assurance of health and safety while maintaining compliance with DDSD Service Standards and the NM Nurse Practice Act for those with health-related supports. Individuals who have health related support needs that require nursing services during the provision of CCS, have access to nursing supports in various ways. Nursing supports at various levels are bundled into the CCS Group services and are available for other CCS models of service (CCS-I, CCS-Small Group, CCS- IIBS, Community Inclusion Aide) through coordination with the person’s Living Supports provider and/or Adult Nursing Services (ANS) provider.

The above is an abbreviated version of this chapter.  For a full description of Customized Community Supports please click here, scroll to the index and click Chapter 11.6.

From the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) Service Standards Manuel - Revised April 23, 2013, June 15, 2015, March 1, 2018