Position Title:  Human Resource Manager
Status:  Exempt
Minimum Qualifications:  AA Degree in management related field or four years’ experience in a personnel position. Typing, computer and filing skills.
Maximum Qualifications:  BA degree in Business Administration and/or management with two years’ experience in a personnel position.  Office machines and computer skills experience.
Supervised By:  Executive Director
Compensation: Salary Range
Full Time Equivalent: 40 hours per week, a minimum of 230 days per fiscal year.
Working Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or as needed in order to complete job assignments.
Benefits: Cafeteria Plan, Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Personal Time Off (PTO) leave as per policies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Keep updated and knowledgeable on agency policies, procedures and benefit packages.
  1. Assemble documents, correspondence or reference material upon which administrative or personnel decisions may be based.
  1. Relay personnel information to all agency employees.
  1. Advertise all job openings internally and externally.
  1. Interview and keep record of applicants for all regular full-time and/or part-time, temporary and substitute job openings.  Including program managers as needed.
  1. Conduct reference and background checks on all regular full-time and/or part-time, temporary and substitute positions.
  1. Distribute employee packets to new employees and ensure that documentation is completed and filed in their personnel file.
  1. Send letters of offer to new employees and inform applicants by telephone or letter of not being offered the position.
  1. Maintain personnel files for the agency. Conduct new hire orientation process with new employees.  Complete necessary personnel paperwork and create a personnel file.
  1. Process initial payroll information and W-4 form.
  1. Process payroll biweekly.
  1. Maintain leave records for all regular full and part time employees and give periodic written status report to employees and supervisors.
  1. Submit driver’s license information on all new employees to agency’s insurance carrier and ensure that agency’s driver list is updated.
  1. Responsible for reviewing monthly insurance bills such as Colonial, VSP, Dental, and Life Insurance.
  1. Mediates in personnel matters according to ELADC’s policy and is available for consultation with employees on work related issues.
  1. Compose correspondence regarding personnel matters.
  1. Update and develop job descriptions for all employees with immediate supervisor.
  1. Maintain a tickler file on all employees and send reminders to supervisors when performance evaluations are due.
  1. Submit first report of accident claims to the appropriate workmen compensation agencies for process and follow through when action is needed.
  1. Responsible for letters to parents/guardians regarding destroying or pickup of files.  Prepare and keep files according to Federal Privacy Act and fill out demographic sheets.
  1. Responsible for oversight of Quality Assurance and Incident Management for the agency.
  1. Responsible for gathering, compiling and reporting findings on incidents, Quality Outcomes, and information related to the agencies Quality Assurance System.
  1. Will provide information to the QA team and to discuss recommendations for change or additions to the QA System as necessary.
  1. Participate with Adult Services Managers, Co-Directors or Early Childhood Services and Executive Director with on-going development and implementation of a comprehensive Quality Assurance System to include Incident Management training.
  1. Participate as an equal member of the Quality Assurance Team that will review trends, incidents, ISP findings, training, and satisfaction surveys and provide recommendations to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors on an annual basis.
  1. Perform other duties assigned.