Position Title:  Physical/Occupational Therapist
Status:  Sub-Contract
Supervised By:  Executive Director, Early Childhood Director
Work Location:  Taos County
Compensation: Contract/Payment Schedule
Duties and Responsibilities
The Subcontractor agrees to provide the following professional and/or technical services:

  1. Physical Therapy diagnostic evaluations for children 0 to 3 years of age in collaboration with other early childhood staff, and parent/guardians. Includes in-person evaluation using FIT approved tools, scoring protocols and written evaluation report, identifying areas of needs, strengths and recommendations. Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report (CME) should be completed within 30 days or sooner from the initial start date of CME to ensure compliance with the Family Infant Toddler Services Definitions and Standards.  Best practice would be to have CME report completed prior to the scheduled IFSP date.
    1. CME evaluation in person should be coordinated based on family schedule and scheduled (date and time) within 7 calendar days of receiving “In House Therapist Referral”. If contractor does not communicate regarding scheduling referral will be passed on to another contractor therapist to ensure that we are in compliance with FIT program 45-day timelines.
    2. Contractors will be paid for the full CME once completion of all parts in I therapy Docs has been approved (In person evaluation, scoring and consultation, report documentation in ITherapy docs) within 30 days.
    3. All CME documentation including completed CME report will be completed through ITherapy Docs.
  2. Physical Therapist will be a member of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Physical Therapy services will be provided as indicated by the IFSP, recommended by the Physical Therapist and agreed upon by the IFSP Team.
      1. IFSP must be scheduled based on family schedule within 7 days of completing the in-person CME.
      2. Subcontractor must provide IFSP strategies during the IFSP meeting and or schedule a meeting and complete strategies with 7 days with family services coordinator and E.I. team.
      3. Subcontractor will participate in the transition process including providing current developmental information via the Transition Assessment Summary, to be completed no later than 120 days before the child’s third birthday.
  3. Implementation of Physical Therapy for each child, involving staff, parents, and care givers during sessions, using Family Guided Routines Based Interventions (FGRBI), and Coaching Strategies. All on going visits should occur in the child’s natural environment as required by FIT Standards and Regulations (home, community and childcare Center).
    1. Exception for center-based services require Prior Approval by the Early Childhood Director.
  4. Progress notes and documentation will track individual child progress in the electronic system ITherapy Docs.
    1. All billing and documentation will be directly submitted through ITherapy Docs. Contractors must complete all weekly notes and documentation by Sunday at 11:59pm of the calendar week to be approved by FIT Director on Monday morning.
    2. Any co-visit notes must be billed together, which requires all co-visit notes be submitted by the end of the week for approval to ensure adequate billing.
    3. All missing notes, correction and additional documentation must be entered in ITherapy Docs by 11:59pm of the 3rd of the following calendar month. Notify Director via email once you have completed all documentation.
  5. Physical Therapist will participate in Transdisciplinary Team Approach Consultation (TTA) meetings with the IFSP team for each individual child as indicated in their IFSP.
    1. TTA meeting should be scheduled in advanced to be sure to include as many of the IFSP team members as possible.
    2. Dedicated TTA scheduled meeting time will be part of the mandatory Monthly Team Meeting but teams can schedule as needed.
    3. All TTA documentation will be submitted through ITherapy Docs.
  6. Physical Therapist will participate as needed, in Collaborative Consultation (CC) with individuals, programs or agencies working with the child outside of the FIT Team.
    1. All CC documentation will be submitted through ITherapy Docs.
  7. Physical Therapist will participate in six-month progress review on each individual child using the Hawaii Early Learning Profile and document through ITherapy Docs.
  8. Physical Therapist will participate in annual re-evaluation using FIT approve tools on each individual child and document through ITherapy Docs.
  9. Physical Therapist must participate in 2.5-hour monthly team meetings which will be used for agency updates, trainings, and scheduled time for TTA consults.
  10. Physical Therapist will participate in mandatory monthly reflective supervision with Early Childhood Director as required by FIT Standards and Regulations.
  11. Physical Therapist will keep up to date with any required and recommended trainings, agency policy and procedures, and current FIT Services Definitions and Standards.
    1. Prior to providing evaluation and early intervention services, Physical Therapist, must complete Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA) training and Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO) training.
    2. Early Intervention Practices training must be completed at the earliest available date as provided by FIT.
    3. Physical Therapist is encouraged to participate in other training opportunities provided by FIT or other agencies.
    4. The Subcontractor shall maintain detailed records which indicate the date, time and nature of services rendered. These records shall be subject to the Contractors general right of inspection.
    5. Upon termination of this Agreement, such records shall be delivered to the Contractor, who agrees to retain the records for a period of not less than five (5) years from the termination date.
  12. Physical Therapist can provide in service and training to staff, parents, and community upon request by staff and upon approval by Early Childhood Director.


  1. This work is to be provided by the Subcontractor encompass services generally performed in his/her usual line of business and will be done at Taos County, New Mexico and may include limited services to Angel Fire and Eagle Nest Areas.
  2. The Subcontractor is able to use their discretion regarding telehealth visits vs. face to face visits based on family interest and team decision. The Subcontractor will be in close communication with supervisor regarding caseload, method of services and client/family needs. Depending on client/family needs team will assess most appropriate team member and Subcontractor will be assigned as appropriate.
  3. Once all restrictions regarding pandemic have been lifted, it is expected that each client/family on case load has a one face to face visit per month. Supplemental visits can be provided via telehealth at the discretion of the Subcontractor and based on the needs of client/family.